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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Prepositions, Exercise 5

Little free library in the street!
Put in the correct preposition.

1) My friend is good ___playing volleyball.

2) She protests ___discrimination.

3) She is afraid ___cats.

4) The family doesn't feel ___going outing this season. .

5) The company is looking forward ___giving bonus to its workers.

6) She dreams ___becoming a doctor.

7) She apologized ___her misbehavior.

8) Does she agree ___what you explained?

9) Parents often insist ___good manners.

10) Peter reminded me ___ my appointment with doctor

11) The child is allergic __insect stings.

12) The patrolling van chased the thieves ___the lanes.

13) The secret __success lies __hard work.

14) She said  that she had not smoked ___ages.

15) Mr. Seth lives __an apartment building in Hyderabad. 

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