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Sunday, October 9, 2016

English Grammar Rules Test

                      MIXED TENSES

I. Choose the best answer a), b), c) or d).

1. Andrew _________ lunch by the time they arrived.
a) finished             c) had finished
b) was finished      d) has finished

2. I have a terrible headache. I ___________ another aspirin.
  a) take       c) am taking
  b) ’ll take   d) will be taking
3. A cold wind _____ for the last week.
a) has been blowing         c) blows
b) is blowing                     d) blew

4. We’ll meet in September when she _____ back.
a) will come                       c) came
b) will have come              d) comes

5. Maria ____________ a comic when the teacher asked her to come to the blackboard.
a) was reading                   c) read
b) has been reading           d) has read

6. You won’t need the jacket. It ____ warmer.
a) gets                   c) ’s got
b) ’s getting          d) ’d got

7. Bryan _____ when the meeting started.
a)hasn’t arrived           b) hasn’t been arriving
c) hadn’t arrived                  d) wasn’t arriving

8. To be honest, I ___________ she will be able to handle this properly.
a) doubt                 c) am doubting           
b) have doubted    d) will doubt

9. They _________ for 5 years at the end of this year.
a) will date                                    
b) will be dating
c) will have been dating    
d) are going to date

10. I am not surprised they’ve broken up. She never knew if she could trust him and was afraid he ___________ her.
a) will leave                       c) would leave
b) is going to leave            d) will have left

11. Call the police. Our apartment __________ into.
a) was broken                    c) is broken
b) has been broken            d) will be broken

12.  She can’t go hiking with us. 
She _____________ on her new book all day tomorrow.
a) will be working             c) is working
b) will work                       d) will have worked

13.  By the time you finish my dress it ____________ old-fashioned.
a) will become                   c) is becoming
b) will be becoming          d) will have become

14.  They __________ for some time when their mother told them to be silent.
a) had shouted      c) had been shouting
b) have shouted     d) have been shouting

15.  The letter ____________ by the end of the week.
a) is not going to be delivered                  
b) is not delivered
c) won’t be delivered                                
d) won’t have been delivered

II. Some of the following sentences are correct and some have mistakes in them. 
Tick the correct ones and correct the ones with mistakes.

1. My brother and his fiancée will get married on Saturday. They have invited more than 300 guests.

2. It’s three minutes to 8. We are going to be late.

3. They have left home at 7 o’clock and arrived to school at 8.30.

4. He has been eating three sandwiches and he is still hungry.

5. I have to sit down. I have run for more than an hour.

6. I found that ring while I was playing in the sand with my nephew.

7. When I checked your homework I noticed that you had problems with spelling.

8. I am really angry. She is always borrowing my clothes without asking me anything!

9. A stitch in time is saving nine.

10. She enrolled at university last year. Which subjects did she chose?

11. Why you lent her my earrings? I was going to wear them tonight.

12. They had driven for only 10 minutes when they had a puncture.

13. This is the best pizza I ever had.

14. I had been hoping to explain it to her, but she wouldn’t listen to me.

15. By the time she comes the best roles will have taken.

III. Rewrite these sentences so that the meaning is the same, using the word given.
Do not change the word.

1. The bridge is 20 years old.
The bridge

2. One of the actors passed out during the rehearsal for the play.
One of the actors passed out ___________________________for the play.

3. In your opinion, who is going to pass the exam?
   Who ________________________ the exam?

4. This isn’t the first time I have watched this movie.
I__________________________ this movie.

5. I’d rather not go out with you tonight.
_____________________________________ with you tonight.

6. We are disappointed because they forgot everything we had taught them.

We are disappointed because they _________________________ we had taught them.

7. Their lunch will be over by 1 o’clock.
They____________________________________by one o’clock.

8. When we returned to the meeting room the Japanese guests were not there anymore.
The Japanese guests__________________

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