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Monday, October 10, 2016

Nouns, Exercise 1


Choose the correct answer:

The information you need is / are in the report.

Last night's news was/ were very bad.

They have launched a lot of new products / product in the last few years.

He gave me a lot of advice / advices when I joined the company.

The country with the fewest / the least people per square kilometer must be Australia.

She had less / fewer time to study than Paul but had better results.

How much / many money have you got?

How many / much cigarettes have you smoked?

There's not much / many sugar in the cupboard.

There weren't many / much people at the concert.

Correct the following sentences and explain your corrections:

1. The moneys are here.

2. The news were good.

3. What a terrible weather.

4. What a beautiful scenery.

5. I’d like a bread, please.

6. Ruth is making good progresses.

7. I wish I had as many knowledges as she does.

8. I’ll give you an important information.

9. What do you think of our new furnitures?  - I really love them.

10. I’ll give you a good advice.

11. I’ll give you some good advices. You seem to need them.

Choose the correct form of the verb / pronoun:

1.      This bread is / are good.

2.      This / these pieces of bread is / are stale.

3.      This / these bread crumbs is / are very tasty.

4.      Sugar isn’t / aren’t good for you.

5.      There is / are two spoonfuls of sugar in my tea.

6.      - Two jars of jam, please. - Here it is / they are.

7.      I brought two pieces of luggage. Where can I put it / them?

8.      The news is / are very interesting.

9.      These news items is / are very interesting.

10.  The many pieces of furniture make / makes the room look very crowded.

Which quantifiers could you use in order to make these uncountable nouns, countable?

ex. bread - a loaf of bread                                     
advice                                                              money
jam                                                                  cheese 
music                                                               sugar                                                                

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