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Monday, June 26, 2017

Prepositions, Exercise 4

A. Choose the correct preposition:

The child showed no animosity ( at, towards, about, for ) her new stepbrother.

She is so thirsty (about, over, with, for ) success that she would do anything.

In my village there is no gas laid on. People  have to rely (onto, about, in, on ) electricity for everything   

We accept your kind invitation (by, with) pleasure.

I should like to read that book (by, of) Ernest Hemingway. 

These oranges are sold (of, by) the dozen. 

Always sign important papers (by, in) ink. 

Over one-third (of, in) the oranges are spoiled. 

The first speech will be given (by, of) Mr. Graham. 

We always buy olive oil (of, by) the gallon. 

The sound (of, by) rain lulls me to sleep. 

It looks (like, as) a nice day. 

It will take four yards (of, by) material to make this dress. 

He always speaks (in, by) a loud voice. 

B. Put in the correct preposition:

1. It’s so noisy – I can’t concentrate _____ my homework.

2. Don’t worry – I’ll pay _____ the tickets.

3. The car belongs _____ my father, so I don’t think we can use it.

4. I borrowed a pen _____ my classmate.

5. I’ve been waiting _____ the bus for more than twenty minutes!

6. Julie: “What time shall we eat dinner?” 
    Gill: “It depends _____ John – we’ll eat when he gets home”.

7. When we arrived _____ the cinema, the film had already started.

8. Please explain this problem _____ us.

9. She was listening _____ the radio when the doorbell rang.

10. John worries _____ his exam results all the time.

11. My flatmate listens _____ a lot of jazz.

12. David paid _____ the drinks.

13. Who does that house belong _____?

14. Don’t worry _____ Gemma, she’ll be fine.

15. She borrowed a jumper _____ Julie.

16. Please be quiet – I need to concentrate _____ this book.

17. I want to go to the beach tomorrow but it depends _____ the weather.

18. Who are you waiting _____?

19. When will we arrive _____ Beijing?

20. The policeman explained _____ the children why they should never run across a road.

21. A week after the accident he died ………………………. his injuries.
C. Think of a correct preposition to complete the sentences:
___ the meantime, you can prepare dinner.

Have you decided ___ a name ___ the baby yet?

Are you still working ___ your project?

He reminds me ___ my brother-in-law.

We are leaving ___ Paris next Saturday.

She was angry ___ herself for having made such stupid mistakes.

They discussed _________ all the issues they had encountered.

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